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Top 10 highest paying jobs in USA

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the job landscape. To become rich in 2021, here are 10 highest paying jobs in the USA to take up. Most industries were adversely affected by COVID-19, but some grew this year. Choosing a well-paying job is your best bet if you want to maintain yourself well in the future. The following are the 10 highest paying jobs in the USA, which will pay you big bucks and make you rich by 2021.

Technological advancements have created a range of exciting new opportunities for professionals in the technology space as the global digital transformation continues apace. The majority of these jobs are extremely well-paying because a lot of the skills that the digital world requires are still in short supply.

A list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in the USA that are sure to pay the most in 2021 is below if you're an IT professional looking to increase your earnings in the coming year.

1. Data Scientist

Data Scientists are widely regarded as the sexist jobs of the 21st century, according to several reports. Therefore, it is not surprising to find it at the top of the list of highest paying jobs.

A Data Scientist is a professional who combines statistical methods, data analysis techniques, and machine learning methods to comprehend and analyze data for business purposes.

Data scientists need to know Python, R, SQL, and Java programming languages, as well as Microsoft Excel and SQL. In addition, they should also understand machine learning and deep learning concepts, as well as Apache Hive, Pig, and Spark.

2. Product Manager

The fact that product managers are responsible for a company's product development makes them highly valuable. In addition to guiding a product's success, they supervise its improvement. The business strategists behind a product are responsible for its business strategies.

Product managers should be strategic thinkers who understand data, business competencies, and market trends.

3. Cloud Architect

In the field of information technology, a Cloud Architect supervises an organization's cloud computing system and develops cloud application designs. Assuring the correct technology is built is the responsibility of cloud architects in conjunction with DevOps engineers and developers.

In addition, they need to know about cloud computing platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Programming languages like Java, Python, and C# are also essential, and tools like Kubernetes and Docker must be familiar to them.

4. Full Stack Developer

In full-stack development, a developer works on both the front and back ends of a website. The designers work with clients during the planning phase, building websites that are user-facing.

To become an effective full stack developer, you need HTML and CSS knowledge. You should also be familiar with JavaScript and its frameworks. To be successful in this field, you must be familiar with server-side languages like Ruby, PHP, Python, and .Net.

5. Big Data Engineer

Every business sector has been impacted by big data over the past decade. Engineering Big Data involves storing, processing, and analyzing data. In an organization, big data architects develop, design, test, and maintain the architecture.

It is imperative that they have an in-depth knowledge of Hadoop, Spark, and RDBMS. In addition to having experience with languages like Java and Python, they should also know tools like Hive and Pig.

6. DevOps Engineer

In addition to overseeing code releases, a Devops engineer works closely with developers. Continuous development, integration, and deployment of software is ensured by coding and scripting. In addition to automating tests, deploying the code, and monitoring it, they also perform code reviews.

Programming is a necessary skill for DevOps Engineers. It is necessary to have experience with JavaScript, Python, Ruby, or Perl. This person should have a thorough understanding of DevOps tools and technology.

7. Blockchain Developer

Developing blockchain technologies requires researchers, designers, developers, and testers. They build the infrastructure, establish security measures, and optimize blockchain protocols to prevent cyberattacks. Developers of blockchain apps manage the entire network and build decentralized applications.

A blockchain developer should have a strong understanding of computer networks, cryptography, and data structures. An understanding of programming languages such as Java and Python is expected.

8. Mobile Application Developer

The mobile application developer works on protocols and applications for platforms like iOS and Android. Interface designers design user interfaces to improve the experience of users. They are also involved in the product development team's proposals for new features.

A mobile application developer needs to know JavaScript frameworks like React Native and Angular and should also be knowledgeable about UI.

They should be familiar with the concept of cybersecurity so they can develop safe and flawless applications. They should also be proficient in Java, C, CSS, and HTML5.

9. RPA Developer

RPA developers are responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining RPA systems. Increasing efficiency was achieved by automating processes. The team investigates the deployment of RPA tools like bots, robots, and development tools.

The ideal RPA developer has a background in software development and possesses a rich set of skill sets. They must be fluent in C++, .NET, Python, and other scripting languages. You should have a thorough understanding of top automation tools, such as UiPath and Blue Prism.

10. Information Security Analyst

IT security analysts are responsible for protecting a company's computer networks. They install security measures to protect computer systems, investigate security breaches, document them, fix vulnerabilities, and perform penetration testing.When it comes to skills, you should have good networking skills as well as a solid understanding of firewalls, proxies, and IDPS.

Other than the above highest paying jobs there are many more such as the doctors and lawyers and political field, which can be helpful for the students to get good pay. Many fields are offering the best opportunities to get more and more according to the demand of the jobs. 

Source: indiatoday

Article by Krishna Kumar