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Top 4 Things to Check in a Job Offer Letter

If there's anything satisfying in the job search process, it's getting a job offer letter in your mailbox.

A job offer is like a cool breeze in the middle of a hot summer month after applying to multiple jobs, failing interviews, and finally, getting an offer letter.

A job offer letter could be the perfect ending to a tiring job search, but that's not how it works. You should make sure you're being offered what you discussed with your hiring manager before you step into your dream office.

If you want to make sure your employment terms are in line with what was agreed upon, you need to thoroughly review your job offer letter.

We should pay attention to the following four elements in your offer letter before making a decision.

A Job Offer Should Include These 4 Key Elements

Departments and title

Your job offer email will include information about your job title and the department you'd be working in. In this section, you may also be given details on your job responsibilities and who would be reporting to you. Make sure you read this section carefully to be sure you are receiving what was discussed. Companies sometimes offer you a job title in sync with what was discussed. Before accepting an offer, notify your hiring manager if you think the job title you have been offered is not in sync with what was discussed.

Salary Package is the most important section of a job offer. It is not only the opportunity to do great work that motivates you to work, but also the reward or compensation that pays the bills. It is essential that you understand your salary structure and the components of your salary. Your salary would have different parts such as: Basic Salary, Gross Salary, Net Salary,HRA, Bonus, PF, Tax, etc.
A salary discussion isn't usually discussed in detail during the interview process. Look into the salary and benefits package while you're interviewing. It is one of the elements recruiters do not provide much clarity about, particularly in the job offer letter. Ensure that you mention it in your offer letter if it was discussed. You should mention incentives in your offer letter if the salary for the position includes incentives as a large part of it.
Date and location of joining

Clearly state your joining date and location of the office where you will be reporting on your first day. Ensure that you have adequate time to serve your notice period with your current employer. Include the time you need to report to the office in your offer letter. Sometimes, the location of the induction may be different from the office, which means that there may be some last-minute confusion.In the changed work environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it might be required to start working  directly from home. Your offer letter needs to clearly state whether you will be working from home if that is the case.
Documents Required for Joining 

You should include all the required joining documents in the offer letter. It should clearly state which documents you have to bring with you for joining formalities. Candidates are given some documents after they leave an organisation, such as experience letters. The best thing to do in such cases is to inform your prospective employer.

Rejecting or accepting a job offer

When you receive an email offering you a job, the first thing that you need to do is acknowledge it. It's also a good idea to let the employer know a tentative timeline for when you'll make your decision.

You should never decide in a hurry, even though employers expect you to make your final decision as soon as possible. Make sure you go over all the important details of your offer and tell the employer within the given time frame.