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How to Tackle Anxiety in the Pandemic

The pandemic, world facing nowadays is with us for almost one and a half years, so now instead of getting panic, we must learn to settle down and try to be a little normal. It is not easy to be normal but must make our mind start with the normal routine life. 
We need to take a break from reading, listening, and watching the same repeated news, which can affect our minds. We need to be updated with the current situation, instead of spreading the tension we should find out how to get rid of the situation or how helpful we can be to others. Try to reconnect to friends and family through the internet or phone to refresh and divert your mind. Such activities can help to tackle anxiety during the pandemic. Take good sleep try to have a good time with your family and enjoy yourself with kids. 
Regular exercise, meditation, and yoga, online meetings with old friends, can help you to tackle the anxiety during the pandemic. Follow and fulfill your hobbies that can help to get a refresh for the new start. If the mind is positive and ready to accept the good rays, that can be helpful to get rid of mentally from the pandemic. All we need to do is try not to get panic during the situation and handle it with all good care and effort.

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