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Tips to work from home

Working from home is now a day become possible and the best option to choose during the pandemic time. Especially for the working people to stay home while maintaining a social and safe distance. If the company is willing their employees to work from their home, they need to follow certain tips to work from home.

Separate Yourself From The Crowd

Being a productive remote worker requires discipline, especially if you're trying to prove that you're trustworthy and that working from home isn't just for emergencies. The trick, in my opinion, is to find ways to divide your "work mode" and your "home mode." if we 

Have a dedicated workspace. The couch and the dining room table didn't work for. Employee. Eventually, Employee would get distracted. If you find such a place, record a few minutes' worth of audio there (for instance, with Skype's Sound Test Service), preferably with family members present, and listen to it. What you can hear on a conference call may surprise you

There are also differences between work and home routines. When employees are at home working, they wear headphones. All employees wear headphones no matter what they are doing, which helps employees adjust to "work mode." Everything employees do begins the same way every day.

Tips to work from home

Below Are Some Tips To Work From Home

 1.Dedicated space should be created.

Give yourself the feeling of still 'going to work' by designing a space that's optimal for working at home. If you will be doing this for a long time, invest in a desk and a comfortable chair that will make you excited to start working and comfortable for a long time.

2. Purchase a laptop stand, keyboard, and mouse

Work from a laptop and make sure your posture is correct, especially if you work for long hours to avoid neck and shoulder pain from hunching over. These laptop stands allow you to elevate your laptop to eye level. Don't damage your body because then you'll need time off work and won't be able to do all the fun things at the weekend. Currently, I have a portable laptop stand that folds up really small for travel but works perfectly at home too.

I also just purchased this Bluetooth keyboard and this Bluetooth mouse to go with my laptop stand so that my eye line is raised but my shoulders remain relaxed and my wrists aren't typing at an awkward angle (which will grate on you if you simply raise the laptop on a stand). This is a game changer.

3. Keep your work area organized and tidy.

 A tidy environment equals a tidy mind. Clean your workspace at the end of each day. Make it inviting for tomorrow's day at work by removing snack pots, lunch plates, water glasses, and tea mugs. Arranging papers and files will also make them easier to find when you need them.

4. Make a list of your daily tasks.

You can create three lists: small jobs, medium jobs, and larger jobs. You can start working from home with a few small, quick tasks to get you going, and then assign some bigger ones later in the day. Don't make your list too long! Lists of things to do are great for giving you direction and goals to achieve.

5. Make a schedule for the day.

If you work from home, writing out your schedule will force you to follow a routine and will prevent you from doing too much of one thing and burning out.

6. Include self-care exercises in your daily routine.

Don't fill your schedule with business tasks. At least two of your daily routines should encourage self-love, care, and growth.

7. Don't work in the bedroom.

Work pressures and inevitable stress shouldn't enter your bedroom. You want your mind to associate your bedroom with relaxation and switching off when you walk in. Those lines should not be blurred. Your body and mind deserve rest. Take good care of them.

This is more difficult if you live in a shared flat. Consider working in the living room or dining room if you have one. If not, dedicate one corner of your room exclusively to work. Relax in another part of the room!

8. Take breaks during meetings.

Don't forget to take a tea break. Every hour or so, it's a good idea to stretch your legs and move your body.

9.Turn your phone to silent or do not disturb.

We are obviously going to want to see what our bestie has to say when we see a notification from them. When we don't see the notification, we aren't distracted from our work and we will see it later and respond later. It's no problem.

For maximum productivity and uninterrupted concentration, separate those work hours from social hours.

10.If you miss background office noise, listen to the music.

Keep the radio on while you work from home for a bit of company and a bit of human conversation.

11. Video conferencing is a good option for meetings.

When working from home, keep an element of human interaction. Increased human interaction will help to alleviate the feeling of being isolated when working from home.

12. Get noise-canceling headphones.


It is not possible for us all to afford our own place to live. If you have friends or family moving around you while you work, noise-cancelling headphones are a great choice.?

Don't let anyone distract you from your work. Pump them tunes if you want to, but don't get annoyed at them

You shouldn't let anyone interrupt your work flow, pump the tunes if you wish, and don't get irritated by family members eating next to you.


13. Prepare for work.


Prepare yourself physically in the morning. It could just be a shower before you put on your pajamas, it could be changing into an office outfit to motivate you, or it could simply be a face wash and skin care routine.


Don't just roll out of bed and sit at your computer all day. Even the tiniest of things give life to getting started while doing it!