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Bring Positivity in Office

Our week of positivity begins today. Maintaining a positive attitude in your life can keep you motivated and see more opportunities for yourself.

Positive attitude is one of the best methods of doing your best work and being satisfied with your work. Employers, when you promote positivity in their staff, they will give off a good impression of your company to others, which will provide you with the best results.

Is it possible to make someone happy just by making them happy? It's not necessary, but you can take measures to ensure the atmosphere in your workplace as positive as possible.

Listed below are the top ways you, as an employer and employee, can create a positive atmosphere in your office and improve everyone's moods.

Show your appreciation

In order to create and maintain a positive work environment, it is important to show all employees that their contributions are valued. The best way to show how much you appreciate an employee is as a manager and co-worker, which we have discussed previously.

Show your appreciation for every accomplishment, no matter how small. The simple act of saying thank you after small tasks are accomplished or help is a way to let someone know their effort is appreciated. When you're working on a big project or after a busy day, bigger gestures can help sustain your appreciation. Making a coworker or employee feel like they belong with you and have something valuable to contribute will improve their mood at work and make hard work feel worthwhile.

Give a hand

Our appreciation for when someone recognizes that we may need help is another way that we feel seen and appreciated. Keeping an eye out for anyone who needs help on any given day is a great way to foster a positive attitude at work. Many people struggle with heavy workloads, so consider offering to help them with one of their tasks or projects if you have time. With a bit of luck, spreading this positive vibe will inspire others to offer you help in the future.

Providing assistance in the workplace doesn't need to be as big as assuming someone else's workload. There are many small things you can do to help your colleagues. If someone opens the door for you, you could pick up something they dropped, or you could pick up an item they printed while you walk by. Making tea and coffee for the group is a common form of workplace assistance. Little things you can do to help can do a lot to improve the atmosphere of the workplace.

Have a friendly attitude

It is important to act in a positive manner around others to spread positivity. You will create an atmosphere of anger and resentment if you treat the people around you with disdain and push them away. It is important to treat everyone in the workplace in a friendly and welcoming manner, even if they have disagreements.

Friendship doesn't have to be difficult, it can begin with a smile when you encounter each other. Interact with colleagues by asking them how their day is going or how their weekend was. 
Everyone will feel more comfortable sharing jokes and having open discussions in a friendly environment, so create this environment yourself by doing so. When you start to become friends with your colleagues, a positive attitude can blossom amongst you.

Listen to your voice

It technically falls under the category of friendliness, but we thought it deserved its own point because your voice carries a lot more weight than you might think. If you say nice things, you must mean them. You need a soft and slow voice to convey this meaning. Some people naturally speak with a more harsh, aggressive tone, but you can always work on speaking more softly and with more love when you need to.

The important thing is not how you say something, but what you say. It is important to consider what different words may mean to different people or what meaning they add to the context of your sentence. You can do this by getting to know your employees and co-workers and knowing what they respond to, and by thinking about what you say before you say it. Even if it seems difficult, being careful with your words and voice can work wonders to get a positive reaction.


Employees with a negative attitude are often stressed, which is one of the main causes. In the workplace, it can be hard to avoid stress, but you can combat it by setting everyone up with a good routine. Having a clear understanding of what each person needs to do and when can help them plan their work and eliminate feelings of not being on top of their workload.

While it can be hard to plan everything at work, starting with as much as you can is a good start. Meetings that take place at the same time every week are a good idea, as everyone can get prepared. It is also beneficial to keep a work routine going to have a place where employees can provide reports on what they have done and what they haven't done. If you can make everyone's work lives easier to follow, you will be able to relieve worry and maintain a positive outlook.

Failure is inevitable

To reduce stress, it's good to have a routine, but sometimes you may not get everything done as you planned, or as you need to. A positive attitude toward what you DO is easier to achieve in an environment that accepts failure and does not condemn it.

Employers should make it clear to their employees that if they don't get things done or do things correctly, they are free to talk to you or their co-workers without judgement. During these times, you may be able to offer assistance.

You should not overextend yourself as an employee. Always ask for help from others if you are struggling to get something or don’t know how to do something. Good employers value honesty and will help you. Anyone who is not afraid of failure will have a positive outlook on life and work.

An enjoyable environment

In addition to the atmosphere we create at work with our actions and words, the physical environment we work in can also contribute to a positive attitude. You will feel unhappy if you work in an environment that makes you uncomfortable. If you work in a rented office or space, it's not always easy to completely control the work environment, but you must take certain measures to make sure that it doesn't adversely affect your performance.

People's mood can be affected by temperatures drastically; too cold can make them shiver, too hot can cause them to sweat. Make sure your office has a thermostat that is comfortable for everyone. Think carefully about how you use the space, if everyone is crammed together they may become irritable. Make sure everyone has enough space to satisfy them and work comfort. Use the available space wisely, if everyone is crammed together, it may create a tense atmosphere. It is also important to consider your choice of colours, too many bright colours around can be off-putting to some people, and neutral tones are best for relaxation and positivity.

A meeting can help you determine what everyone wants from their environment so that you can decide what's best for everyone. The attitude in the office will improve once you have the space that benefits everyone.

Beverages and food

We all know that after we eat, we feel satisfied and generally happier. Thus, introducing food and drink at work can make everyone happier. You can encourage positive attitudes among your employees by offering certain snacks and beverages for free. If you bring snacks to work for your coworkers, you can create a friendly atmosphere and help foster relationships.

When you bring food and drinks to work, you need to consider their nutritional value. Even though chocolate and cake are tasty and may improve moods temporarily, they aren't helpful in the long run. Maintaining everyone's attention and attitude is best done with fruit and grainy snacks. The most popular beverage in the workplace is usually coffee, and it can keep people alert. While herbal and fruit teas are best for promoting longer-term happiness and reducing stress, they do not contain caffeine.

We eat and drink nearly every day, so utilising that for happiness is a great work-life hack.

Giving gifts

A free gift is another way to encourage positivity at work, as everyone appreciates a free lunch. It is a novel way to spread positivity by giving tokens of appreciation to your employees/co-workers. The gifts do not have to be large; you do not have to be Oprah and give everyone a car. It is a good idea to provide small items such as sticky notes or pens to aid in the workflow. One of the bigger gifts that an employer can give is an item of clothing with the company name on it or name badges for every employee. In addition to being fun gifts, these are also useful in terms of promotion.

Though not all gifts must be physical, they can still be meaningful. Giving thanks to colleagues or employees for their help or hard work is a form of gift in and of itself. Offering prizes for employee of the month, or some other kind of contest, can also be a fun way to combine gifts and motivation. Make sure everyone feels included and no one feels like a slacker, it's just a little fun. Spreading a little love and appreciation among those you work with is a great way to foster positivity.

Positive emotions are often the result of fun. Having fun at work is not common, and when employees work, it is important that they be professional and do a good job. It is possible to introduce fun into the workplace using activities. By providing your employees with something fun to do during breaks, lunch or even after work, you can improve your employees' mood and build their rapport.

Your team can take part in so many different activities. For example, you could have a special break room where games can be played. Physical exercise can also help stimulate the mind and improve mood, so you might consider organising a sports team for your staff. If you would like to feel better at work, try introducing group meditation or yoga sessions. If you use fun wisely, it can add positive energy to the workplace instead of being a diversion. Spread positive vibes at work today and improve the environment.