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Remote work PROS and CONS

The world is facing the worst period, which had changed the normal routine life of everyone. The pandemic, which the world is facing nowadays has affected so many people physically, mentally as well as financially. Most of the companies, where the work from home is possible had given their employees the distance working facilities. But for them who required to be available at their workplaces. 
Students are working online, employees are working online, so the total dealing and communication have changed from offline to online. We all know that every remote work has pros and cons. Remote work gives the flexibility of working from home, which can save the time of leaving home and reaching the workplace on time. On another side, it might distract you because of not having a suitable working environment. 
When you are working from home, then you feel good that your family is around you while working time. At the same time, it can affect little disturbing as children playing around and watching television or attending the school along with you, which needs your attention too. If we look at the one side of the coin, which is beneficial and at the same time the other side is a little difficult and complicate too. It is true to say that the remote works Pros and Cons are kind of two sides of the coin, one has a good part and the other has side effects. If we talk about advantages, then disadvantages are by default coming on our way as another side of the coin.