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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the USA 2022

It has taken you years to complete your formal education. Then you have to find a job that will justify those countless nights of working on the weekends. It is possible for Professionals who are in the mid-levels of their careers to upgrade their skills while sailing. The following are the 10 Highest Paying IT Jobs in 2022. It is important to note that these rankings are not only determined by the average salary but also by the salary range and the number of available positions for each job.

1- Artificial Intelligence

We have engineers with artificial intelligence and machine learning skills at number one. What are they working on? Developing AIML models, of course! Sounds simple, but is it really? Artificial Intelligence has reached a point today where it can surpass human decision making, consistently better and faster, based on more facts, which is why artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers are in high demand. Our future lies in their hands, as they are the ones leading the way. A machine learning engineer requires a specialised skill set. The first step is to learn essential math and statistics, as well as a programming language with a rich library of statistical packages, such as Python and R.  You should also acquire an understanding of deep learning, machine learning, and neural networks. The list would not be complete without mentioning a few other job profiles. Blockchain experts, enterprise architects, RPA solution experts, and data warehouse architects are discussed. They also pay quite handsomely and have a huge, huge demand.

2- Cloud Architect

A Cloud Architect is responsible for translating all the requirements for cloud-based projects into product architecture or design. A Cloud Architect typically bridges the gap between business problems and cloud solutions, so, like a Cloud Architect, you need individual skills such as knowledge of an OS like Linux or Unix, knowledge of cloud security, knowledge of cloud architecture, as well as knowledge of vendors such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. 

3- Data Engineer

A Data Engineer is responsible for connecting all the pieces of an organisation's data ecosystem. Data analysts are responsible for collecting, assessing, auditing, and processing data from various applications, building data pipelines, and maintaining database architectures in multiple companies. Having a solid foundation in software engineering and programming allows data engineers to provide companies with the tools to be successful. They also need to be proficient in big data processing, real-time processing, database architecture, ETL, query languages, and a solid understanding of operating systems such as Linux or Unix. 

4- Network Security Engineer

In our next position, we have a Network Security Engineer. The Network Security Engineer protects your computer networks from threats and attacks. In this quarantine season, if you need help quarantining the viruses, malware, and spyware in your computer network, then you should reach out to these professionals. A network security engineer typically investigates your computer network to look for violations and policy breaches. As part of their duties, they conduct penetration testing, establish security standards, encrypt data, and set up firewalls to safeguard sensitive information. You must be familiar with specific topics to become a Network Security Engineer, such as data and network security, as well as operating systems.  Having hands-on experience with testing and encryption tools, you should also have a good grasp of risk management methods.

5- Software Architect

Software Architects design, develop, and implement software systems and solutions for companies. To produce high-performance software solutions, they determine the tools and processes that the development team will use. It might be necessary to develop software systems from scratch or integrate new technologies into already existing pipelines, depending on where you work. It is known that to get hired for this job role, you need to be certified in programming languages such as Java, PHP, C++, and SQL. You need to convert software characteristics like security, scalability, and manageability into a streamlined, structured solution that aligns with your company's business and technological goals.

6- IT Program Manager

It can be thought of as a strategic project management professional whose job is to oversee and coordinate all of the technical aspects of a project. Their job requires them to initiate projects, monitor their progress, and assist in troubleshooting.
Whenever a problem arises, they usually coordinate the efforts of the development team, stakeholders, and external vendors in relation to a particular organisation's project. Despite the need for scheduling and timing tasks and ensuring deadlines are met today, few companies are hiring heavily for IT Program Managers as no company can function without one in this day and age.

7- Market Intelligence Analyst

Consumer markets are constantly expanding and evolving as businesses try to stay relevant and engage their customers; they study market research in order to make informed business decisions. Market analysts play a key role in this. Market intelligence analysts tell these businesses what products they want in the market and how much they are willing to pay.
The role of these people now encompasses more than just studying the market for a particular potential product or service. In order to do so, they need skills in Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, content marketing, email, mobile marketing, conversion, and optimization.  If you are looking into this particular job role for your career, you likely already have a specific skill set required for it.

8- Data Scientist

Businesses are able to make better decisions every day by using data scientists. A data scientist plays a pivotal role in any business because he or she is responsible for predicting market trends and patterns and communicating critical insights to clients. Possessing a firm understanding of statistical analysis and proficiency with programming languages, including Python, R, and SQL. You can earn a good salary as a data scientist from companies like Mu, Sigma, Visa, Netflix, and Google.

9- DevOps Engineer

During the software development life cycle, the DevOps Engineer introduces the team to a variety of tools, technologies, methodologies, and practices. Creating, deploying, maintaining, and updating an app are part of this process in an organisation. Operating Systems such as Unix and Linux are essential skills and can be bought for an high salary in U.S dollars depending on your geography and expertise. Top-notch companies such as SAP, MacAfee, and Oracle have now started hiring DevOps engineers. Hands-on experience with all tools and technologies will be your ticket to these dream companies.

10- Full Stack Developer

To stay current with technology trends, you must continue learning throughout your career life cycle. The key to becoming a full-stack developer now is to have individual skills.It is also important that you have experience with technologies such as  React JS, Node.js, Angular, and MongoDB. In addition to having such a high level of knowledge, such companies as Wipro, IBM, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Tata, and Cognizant offer full-stack developers salaries are very high in dollars per year in the United States