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Why Remote Jobs Are Taking Off and How to Write a Resume to Get One

Working from home was not too long ago thought of as an exclusive perk reserved for a select group of privileged individuals. Today, it has become an essential feature of modern life.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of people to work from home. Additionally, millions of others are suddenly jobless and frantically looking for work they can do from home in 2021.

There are many advantages to working remotely, few of them are: 

Many work-from-home jobs allow you to set your own hours, and you can work as little or as much as you want.

Working from home can be used as a way to supplement your income at another job, or it can be your full-time job.

On commuting, on clothes for the office, and on child care, you will be able to save money.

Even while working from home, you can provide for your family. Working from home was not too long ago thought of as an exclusive perk reserved for a select group of privileged individuals. Today, it has become an essential feature of modern life.

Your commute can become work time for you while reducing your carbon footprint (not to mention reducing the stress of sitting in traffic jams or crowded buses).

    You want a slice of the pie, but you don't want to leave your house in your pajamas and slippers. In our analysis, we took a close look at dozens of jobs that can be done from home, focusing on jobs that do not require rocket science skills. If you are qualified for a job like "supervisory attorney" or "medical director", then you probably don't need our help. Here are the top 10 work-from-home jobs from that ordinary people without exotic skills can do from home, in no particular order. 

1. Writer/Editor

The online revolution has adversely affected print media, resulting in hundreds of layoffs of reporters and editors. Today, there are more than 1 billion websites on the internet that didn't exist 30 years ago, and each of them contains text created by someone. Many websites rely almost entirely on textual content, whether it's news, features, advice, humor, or "clickbait," and many businesses use blogs to drive traffic to their websites. These pieces of content don't write themselves!

2. Data entry/transcriptionist

You can work remotely as a fast typist doing data entry if you don't need advanced skills. Inputting data is simply taking text and/or numbers from source documents and making them available in a computer system. All you need is a computer, telework, and an Internet connection. You won't make a fortune doing it, but you will work from anywhere. 

The process of transcription involves listening to audio or video and transcribing the spoken words. When transcribing, it's often necessary to time-stamp, or record the exact moment something is said. Transcription is necessary for captioning videos, another booming field, and making audio and video content searchable is another benefit of transcription. The field of medical transcription also encompasses the transcription of voice recordings from doctors into written reports. 

As a Data Analyst , you'll receive significantly more compensation, but you'll still be able to work from home. It is also a more advanced form of this remote job. If you possess the relevant technical skills (or are aiming to acquire them), you can use data entry as a stepping stone to more prestigious positions.

3. Translator

If you are proficient enough in a second language to translate it into English, or vice versa, you possess an in-demand skill for a job that is usually done remotely. 

Companies that wish to sell their products in another country often need translators. Technical documentation, for example, may be written in a language that people who need it do not understand. The potential audience of a website can be increased by 500 million as well by translating it into, say, Spanish. 

4. Social media manager

Businesses that do not have a social media presence would have a difficult time staying competitive. A small restaurant that wants to promote Taco Tuesday or a global sales giant like Walmart, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are increasingly used for marketing. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have a huge audience, and they are free to the user. 

Managing the digital footprint of the enterprises that they work for is a specialty of Social Media Managers. They develop targeted campaigns, coordinate marketing strategies with sales departments, and publish new content regularly. If you're an avid user of social media, this job may be a good way to earn money doing what you love. 

5. Graphic artist

Your skills in designing logos, creating compelling illustrations or making sense of numbers with charts make you highly marketable, and you can do it in the privacy of your home. 

A successful company's logo is an essential piece of its branding - an element that distinguishes it from competitors. Check out its site and you'll see numerous graphic elements that break up the text. You can enhance a website with even something as simple as illustrated icons instead of bullet points. It is important to have visual elements that draw the eye and attract people, and graphic artists are responsible for creating these visuals.

6. SEO specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a necessity for every company or e-commerce business. Many websites are created without much consideration for search engine optimization, but most people realize its importance today. Several of these websites need to revise their current content page by page, and they all need to adhere to good SEO practices in the future. 

With SEO knowledge, you will have a marketable skill, one that is unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. In reality, search engines are a type of technology independent of digital monopolies (there are many regional search engines that are very relevant in national markets or niche markets).

7. English teacher

It is possible you lack the expertise to tutor calculus students in quadratic equations, but do you speak English? There's room in the market for that, whether as a private or formal teacher. In many countries, proficiency in English is a major prerequisite for upward mobility, and the absence thereof is a huge disadvantage in the global economy. 

If you watch TV for a few hours, you will see a lot of ads for companies that offer online English courses.

8. Call center/customer service representative

The majority of consumer-oriented companies need someone to do customer service, such as answering the phone - and some get a lot of calls. In this case, we have a classic call center with cubicles, ringing phones, and chattering customer service representatives.

One call center realized that all its answering services have their own phones at home (as well as the escalating cost of telephones) online communication Using VoIP technology and CRM systems). If people work remotely, why not route those calls to them, eliminating the overhead of an office? There are lots of opportunities in this field if you have a lot of patience and are willing to spend a lot of time on the phone.9. Salesperson (Sales Manager)

Many sales offices are places where people sit around without selling anything. Despite the fact that telephones remain the best way to schedule meetings, the real action happens on the streets and in face-to-face meetings. 

So, if a sales manager relies on phone calls and meetings with customers, what is the purpose of a sales office? Good salespeople are now realizing they can do their jobs just as well working from home as in an office. In many cases, a farmer does not need to meet with you at your sales office if you have the ability to "sell hay to a farmer." 

10. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants offer remote administrative support to executives of small businesses, large enterprises, and sometimes entire companies - booking travel, scheduling meetings, maintaining personal calendars, and more. As an analogy, think about that super-efficient, hyper-organized administrative or executive assistant who once sat outside the boss's office, and the boss introduces her to others by saying, "She basically runs the thing." There is a big difference here because the person no longer sits in the office.

Virtual assistants sometimes manage social media accounts and conduct marketing activities. Among their duties, they may manage finances and budgets, keep track of expenses, perform market research, and assist with customer service.

How to write a resume for remote work

In other words, how do you write a resume for remote work and what makes it different from a resume for on-site work? Your resume needs to be customized to fit the job and the situation, just as you would for every job you apply for. 

It is imperative that you clearly state in your profile or cover letter that you wish to work from home. You're most likely going to lose out on a job interview if you say you'll work from home during an interview that requires you to come to the workplace. Employers don't have time to waste, so if you decide to work from home during an interview, you'll likely lose out on the job. Employers aren't crazy about bait-and-switch tactics.

The skills required for remote work are different from those required for on-site work. You can highlight these skills throughout your resume to demonstrate to hiring managers that you have the skills it takes to get the job done while your dog barks in the background and your 5-year-old begs for ice cream.

Working remotely requires the following skills:   

A great deal of communication. Although you can't see your coworkers, they still need to know how your project is going or what you might need from them.      

The organization was excellent. There needs to be an office at home where you can attend video meetings, as well as have all your work materials at your fingertips.    
Take the initiative. Will you be interrupted by the laundry or baking bread at home? Would you mind pretending you're not home? You have to be available just as you would in the office.    

You should use examples of these skills throughout your employment history to show hiring managers that you are independent and able to complete tasks. 

You should be aware that many of the remote jobs on our list require excellent writing or editing skills. There are no excuses for poor grammar or typographical errors on your resume! Check your work with a trusted colleague or friend before hitting the send button.


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