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Work from home jobs in the USA

There are benefits to working from home for people of all ages. Sometimes, working from home part-time or full-time gives you more freedom than working in an office.

In addition, with work-from-home jobs becoming more popular, there are several options available for a position you can do from home. Here are the top online jobs that you can apply for today as well as work-from-home jobs.

The definition of a stay-at-home job is one that can be done from home and doesn't require you to go to work. Basically, a stay-at-home job is one in which you can complete all aspects of your job on your own schedule.

The following 12 jobs can be done from home

1. Customer service representative
Work-from-home customer service jobs are ideal for individuals with good verbal and written communication skills. Your responsibilities as a customer service representative will include adjusting orders, resolving conflicts, and finding products over the phone. In some companies, you are required to put in a 4-hour block of work time each day.

2. Transcriptionist
A transcriptionist job is a great option for anyone looking for a flexible work schedule. Transcribing audio files using your own computer is part of your responsibilities as a transcriptionist. There are a number of businesses and industries that hire transcriptionists, including doctors' offices. The majority of transcription companies let you set your own schedule, and most transcription jobs don't require previous experience or college.

3. Virtual call center agent
Virtual call center agents perform all the duties that an in-person agent might perform, except that they work from home. You may be a virtual call centre agent who takes calls, provides customer service, provides customer support, and makes sales. The majority of companies provide on-the-job training, so prior experience is not necessary.

4. Social media coordinator
An individual or company's social media manager is responsible for managing various aspects of its social media platforms. In this role, you may compose and schedule social media posts, manage private messaging, run ads, manage promotions, or create photos and videos for the client's social media accounts.
Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snap chat are commonly used. The purpose of a social media coordinator is to make a business more visible within the community and boost sales. The great thing about this job is that you can typically do your duties from anywhere and at any time.

5. Virtual assistant
An office assistant or personal assistant who works from home performs office tasks. You may schedule appointments, answer phones, manage calendars, and enter data for a person or company. The ideal candidate for this job is able to multitask and be well organised. It depends on the kind of tasks you perform whether you earn a lot or a little from this position.

6. Part-time graphic designer
You may be able to find a part-time job as a graphic designer if you have experience editing images and photos as well as designing websites. Most graphic designers are responsible for designing and editing company websites and magazines, among other marketing materials. Graphic Designers can arrange and select their own working hours schedule.

7. Pet sitter
Pet sitter is a fun and appropriate way to work from home. Pet sitters watch other peoples' pets for a few days to several weeks and perform the duties of a pet owner such as feeding, walking and playing with the pet.

Many companies will match pet sitters with people in need of their services in your area when you sign up as a pet sitter with them. You can typically set your own rates and choose your own schedule as a pet sitter, making it a great work-from-home job.

8. Remote teacher
Having a subject-specific skill or having an education and teaching experience may make you a good candidate for working from home as a remote teacher. In a virtual classroom, teachers carry out similar duties to those in a traditional classroom, but they interact with students via Skype or some other online platform.

Additionally, you may be able to pre-record lessons for greater flexibility. The subjects where online teachers are usually most in demand include English, math, and science.

9. Online tutor
Tutoring online is one of the best work-from-home jobs available to you because it's flexible and you can work for short periods of time. Students who need additional support in a particular subject usually have an online tutoring session for a half-hour to an hour. Tutors are often required to demonstrate their expertise in the subject they choose as well as comply with a background check.

10. Medical coding
You will often have a flexible schedule when working remotely as a medical coder. In your role as a medical coder, you will convert medical records and other services from doctors and other providers into the appropriate code for diagnoses or procedures. If you are eligible, you may need certification or previous experience.

11. Remote travel agent
People who are passionate about travelling might want to consider becoming a virtual travel agent. In this role, you'll be responsible for finding and booking every detail of a person or group's itinerary. Salary for this position can vary greatly and is often based on commission earned when someone chooses to book their trip through you. In the travel industry, a travel agent will compare and book flights, hotels, and excursions for clients.

12. Online writer or editor
A remote job as a writer or editor is becoming increasingly popular because of its potential to pay well. The writer or editor performs research, fact-checks, writes, edits, and updates online content. Online companies that hire editors and writers typically do not require extensive experience or a degree, but they may ask you to complete a writing or editing test. Writers and editors are generally paid based on the number of words they produce.